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Not only do we have great relationships with our customers due to our polite, prompt, and professional work, we are also more than happy to do whatever it takes to help our customers out. We want to make sure that we help you fit YOUR budget, not the budget a large company might want you to have. We work with you to make sure that you are getting good service, for a good price, and for a good company. To make things easier for our customers, we offer free estimates to make sure that you know exactly what you’re getting, and what you’re paying for. We also offer discounts and have flat-rate prices – we know how customers don’t like surprises! We are fully certified and licensed to do all jobs pertaining to heating, plumbing, hot water, and air conditioning units. We are a trusted local plumber and will always pick up the phone for you whenever you need it, because we love our job and want to make sure that you are happy and satisfied!

We have maintained a loyalty among employees and customers for over 70 years. This has been accomplished through consistently delivering upon our promises, doing what’s right, and being honest.​

Our high quality, skilled and disciplined employees - using the best resources and processes available - are committed to doing it right the first time.

Our employees and customers are treated like family and our friendly and considerate attitude extends beyond the walls of our company to the homes of our customers. We are committed to be of service to others.

Slab Leaks

Got a leak? Drain Man Plumbing specializes in leak detection & repair. Slab Leaks can occur on water or sewer lines, and they can cause a lot of damage if not addressed quickly. Using state of the art technology we can precisely locate and fix any problematic plumbing pipes and help you choose the best method for repairing the slab leak based on its location and the type of leak.

Sewer Camera

Providing our sewer video camera inspection helps us to find the exact cause of a sewer blockage, whether it be roots, a broken line, or just too much debris, and is instrumental in pinpointing the exact location of your sewer problem by inspecting your sewer line from the inside. Armed with this knowledge, we can then give a proper assessment of the condition of your sewer line, and help formulate a game plan on how to fix it.

Plumbing Fixtures

From running to clogged to old toilets, we can repair, replace, or install a new toilet or bidet for your home. Problem with your shower or tub? NO problem. Our team offers expert repair and installation services and have thousands under our belt after years of experience. We are the company you can rely on to keep your plumbing fixtures working and to quickly show up if you have an emergency.

Leak Locating

We’ve seen all kinds of clogged drains. Let’s face it – there are not many things more frustrating than a clogged or slow drain! That’s why we offer fast and full-service drain cleaning. If you’ve noticed problems with your shower, bathtub, or sinks draining slowly, there may be buildup that needs professional attention. Thankfully, Drain Man Plumbing jetting services are only a call away!

Water Heaters

Our team of expert plumbers have the experience and training needed to handle all types of residential & commercial water heater installation, repair, and replacement projects. Whether you choose Gas or Electric, a traditional tank system, or a tankless water heater, you can be sure your installation services are in the best of hands! ALL Brands are available!

Drain Cleaning

From running to clogged to old toilets, we can repair, replace, or install a new toilet or bidet for your home. Problem with your shower or tub? NO problem. Our team offers expert repair and installation services and have thousands under our belt after years of experience. We are the company you can rely on to keep your plumbing fixtures working and to quickly show up if you have an emergency.

Plumbing and Drain Specialists New Jersey

If you are needing a quality plumbing and drain service in New Jersey, Drain Man Plumbing is here for you. Our plumbers are licensed by the state and our company is insured for your protection. When we come to your home or business, we listen to you, assess the problem using decades of technical training and experience, and our state of the art equipment, then offer viable solutions available to you. We will provide upfront pricing, so there are no surprises going forward. Armed with many decades of sewer and drain cleaning knowledge coupled with the best high tech sewer and video equipment in the industry, we leave our customers with peace of mind, and we are ready to make you a part of our family.

Our proven plumbing and drain cleaning process helps those with homes and businesses in New Jersey to get the best solution for their money. With sewer and drain cleaning, we not only unclog your drain or sewer but then assess the whole situation. What caused the blockage? Will this happen again?

When it comes to the plumbing system in your home or business, you want to be sure to use a quality plumbing company that is insured and employs only New Jersey State licensed plumbers with experience in this field. We make sure our plumbers are friendly, listen, and answer all your questions. Our technicians diligently strive to keep the work area and your home clean. All recommended COVID-Safe practices are adhered to.

We encourage our customers to call any time there is a question or concern. We realize that during a plumbing repair or installation, you may not think of all the questions you have about the work and our experts are ready to answer them at your convenience. We are proud to serve Passaic County, Morris County, Hudson County, Bergen County, Essex County, Union County. Call for your appointment today!

☑️ Drain Cleaning
☑️ Slab Leak Repair
☑️ Gas Line Repair
☑️ Water Heaters
☑️ Sewer Line Repair
☑️ Sewer Line Installation
☑️ Garbage Disposals
☑️ Tankless Water Heaters
☑️ Sewer Line Video Camera Inspection
☑️ Water Filtration System Installation
☑️ Toilet Repairs
☑️ Gas Appliance Installation

☑️ BBQ Installation
☑️ Water Line Repair
☑️ Leak Locating
☑️ Plumbing Fixtures
☑️ Commercial Plumbing Repair
☑️ Code Upgrades
☑️ Bidets
☑️ Backflow Protection
☑️ Water Pressure Testing
☑️ Repiping
☑️ Odor Leak Locating
☑️ Hot Water Recirculation Systems
☑️ Smoke Testing

Kitchen & Bath Services

Is your toilet running? Better call the plumber! Our Drain Man Plumbing technicians offer leak detection and repair solutions for your pipes, faucets and fixtures. It is essential to have any leaks fixed promptly, as they can cause damage to your home and lead to mold problems. Mold problems can be serious since, in addition to requiring potentially costly repairs, mold can cause serious health problems.

If your faucets or fixtures are leaking, it is often obvious. But this isn’t always the case with leaking pipes. However, you may notice signs, such as stains on your walls or ceiling, musty smells coming from your walls, or an unexpectedly high water bill. So, if you notice any of these signs, you might want to consider having one of our licensed plumbers check for leaks. We also perform new installs if needed. If you are looking to update your faucets or toilet, we can help. Or, maybe you just want a new look. Either way, we’ve got you covered. We have a large variety of options and can help you choose one that will work well for your needs.

Drain Cleaning

Whether your sink is clogged, or the toilet won’t go down, make our Drain Man Plumbing plumbers your first call for drains. We specialize in drain cleaning, and we will do what it takes to get your home back up and running. You can try drain cleaners and plungers, but these aren’t always enough. Your clog may require equipment that you don’t have.

Our plumbers in Drain Man can handle clogs that won’t respond to do-it-yourself methods. For particularly difficult clogs, we can use hydro-jet cleaning, which involves using high-pressure water to clear your drain. Also, if there is reason to believe the leak may be beneath your home’s slab, we can conduct hydrostatic testing. This is an important step due to the significant damage a leak in this area could cause to your home. With this service, we can find a leak so you can get it repaired before more damage occurs.

Gas Line Services

Our plumbers in Drain Man Plumbing perform gas line repairs and new gas line installation, as well. Of course, if your gas line is damaged, your first concern is safety, which means getting everyone out of the house and calling emergency services. But, once everyone is safe and the gas is turned off, our plumbing service can quickly repair your gas lines. You can also trust us to do the job right. With our Drain Man Plumbing installation services, you can also have a new gas line installed. This can be a great way to lower your electric bill or expand your current capacity.

Water Heater Solutions

We can help you decide between a traditional tank replacement, or a tankless water heater upgrade. Both of these have their advantages and disadvantages. A traditional water heater is inexpensive and easy to install or replace. It also tends to have a good flow rate that will allow you to use hot water at several faucets simultaneously without the water temperature becoming lower. However, traditional water heaters have some disadvantages as well. They use more energy due to the need to keep the water in the tank hot, which means higher energy bills. Traditional water heaters also take up more space in your home than a tankless water heater and have a shorter lifespan.

A tankless water heater has a higher upfront cost and takes longer to produce hot water. But, it will have lower energy costs, provide endless hot water, and last longer than a traditional water heater. If you are unsure which option is best for you, we can help you decide which water heater installation would work best for your home. Our qualified technicians can also troubleshoot and repair any make and model of water heater.


Leak detection and repair

☑️Water leaks
☑️Gas leaks
☑️Sewer leaks
☑️Slab leaks

Kitchen Plumbing

☑️Dishwasher installation/replacement
☑️Disposal installation/replacement
☑️Faucet repair/replacement
☑️Grease trap cleaning and repair

Bathroom Plumbing

☑️Clogged Toilets
☑️Toilet installation/replacement
☑️Tub and shower installation
☑️Slab leaks

Septic, sewer & water mains

☑️Septic system installs and repairs
☑️Sewer and drain line cleaning
☑️Septic lift station repairs
☑️Pipe and tank repairs


Justin B.
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Was able to schedule a same day repair thank goodness. Repairmen were friendly and helpful and made sure I understood the charges and potential results. They found the solution that worked best for me and my situation.
Pamela G.
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Very professional. Arrived at the stated time, completed the seasonal service, explained the process, and was very friendly. They did a good job.
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Excellent service! The guys were professional and friendly. I’ve used this plumbing service in the past several times and they consistently do excellent professional work. I highly recommend
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We have used Drain Man Plumbing on several occasions and were very pleased, with the estimate, how promptly work was finished and quality of the work completed. We would advise any seeking plumbing services to get an estimate with Drain Man Plumbing.